A professional aesthetician injects Botox in the area between the eyebrows of a Hispanic woman to eliminate the famous eleven.

Cosmetic Injectables

Advances in aesthetic medicine have made it possible to redefine your appearance or restore youthfulness without the need for general anesthesia and the expense or recovery of surgical procedures. With their versatility, cosmetic injections are invaluable tools for achieving your aesthetic dreams.

Minimally Invasive

Cosmetic injectables are minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. They require little to no downtime and can be performed in 30 minutes.

Injectables Categories

A wide range of injectables is available to enhance, refresh and rejuvenate. Injectables can be broken down into two categories:

  • Neuromodulators: Botox® and Dysport®
  • Dermal fillers: Juvéderm® and Restylane®
The Benefits

Unlock timeless beauty with cosmetic injectables:

  • Enhance.
  • Volumize.
  • Restore.
  • Fill in.
  • Reshape.

Botox® and Dysport® in Hollywood, FL

Botox cosmetic or Onobotulinumtoxin A, is a neurotoxin that prevents muscle contraction by blocking nerve signals to the muscle. Botox treatments are a quick and easy way to diminish facial wrinkles, or prevent them from forming or deepening, and to give your face a smoother, younger appearance.

Dysport is an alternative to Botox and typically delivers faster results and, in some cases, a longer duration of effect. Each patient will be evaluated to see which treatment best suits them, depending on the patient's presentation as well as personal preferences.

A mature blue-eyed woman is without makeup, showing her smooth, soft skin.
More about Botox

Botox cosmetic or Onobotulinumtoxin A, is a neurotoxin that prevents muscle contraction by blocking nerve signals to the muscle. Botox has been used for decades for therapeutic use and has been given FDA approval for cosmetic use since 2002. Neurotoxin injections have become increasingly popular due to high patient satisfaction with the results, as well as ease of treatment, and are currently the number one cosmetic procedure performed in the United States.

These injections are used to treat wrinkles, mainly in the upper face, caused by facial movement, referred to as dynamic wrinkles, by preventing targeted muscles from contracting.

What is the procedure?

Treatments typically take less than 15 minutes, with minimal discomfort, as tiny insulin needles are used to administer injections. Afterwards, you will notice small bumps at the injection sites that will dissipate within 10 to 15 minutes.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

Post-treatment recommendations are to avoid touching the areas treated, to keep the area clean so no lotions or make up for the day, to avoid lying down for 4 to 6 hours and to avoid exercise and activities that cause sweating for 24 hours.

Where can it be used?

The most common treatment areas include wrinkles in the forehead, the glabella, and the crow’s feet which patients feel make them appear angry, tired or aged. In addition to diminishing facial wrinkles, BOTOX is also used to address issues such as excessive sweating, migraines, eye twitching, jaw pain and overactive neck muscles. Some patients request BOTOX injections to soften a square jawline, smooth a dimpled chin or correct an overly gummy smile.

Dermal Fillers in Hollywood, FL

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body and is abundant in the skin. It is a molecule that attracts water, which is responsible for keeping the skin appearing plump and hydrated. As the skin ages, it produces less collagen and contains less hyaluronic acid, which results in volume loss and facial wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm and Restylane products, are gel-like substances placed under the skin, immediately restoring volume to correct or augment depending on the patient’s goals.

An aesthetician injects dermal fillers into an African-American woman around her eyes.
Facial Augmentation or Contouring

Initially used for antiaging treatments, the versatility of dermal fillers is now being more and more utilized to augment or balance the face. They are commonly used to enhance certain features, such as the cheekbones, jawline and the chin, to create definition or facial harmonization.

With a combination of neurotoxin and dermal filler, many celebrities and patients are modifying their facial structure and altering their appearance.

Anti-Aging Injections

Not only is less collagen produced during the aging process, but also bone loss and fat loss occur, which contributes to volume loss, wrinkle formation and sagging of the skin. Dermal fillers were initially used to treat areas of the face that lost volume as aging occurred.

The nasolabial folds or laugh-lines, the cheeks, the jawline, the temples, the tear troughs and the lips are all areas that can be improved by strategic placement of filler. As well as restoring volume to the region being treated, the addition of a filler typically improves sagging jowls and can improve the nasolabial folds. An experienced injector can determine where to place filler for optimal results.

Lip Injections

Lip fillers can be used to enhance aging lips, by replacing lost volume and lining the vermilion border, restoring a youthful appearance. They can also be used to augment the lips, to create volume or a desired shape, such as a pronounced cupid’s bow. Lip augmentation can be very natural using 1 syringe of product or voluminous using multiple syringes over several sessions.

The Russian technique or tenting technique is an advanced procedure used to increase the vertical show and change proportions of the lip, often to enhance the upper lip. This is used to create the doll-like lips currently highly in demand.

The lips will be numbed with a topical cream. Injections take 15 to 30 minutes. There will be immediate swelling and potential bruising, which typically last for a few days to a week. Post-treatment icing and arnica can help alleviate bruising. Results should last 9 to 12 months, however repeat sessions can be done within a week, as long as the lips are fully healed.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A minimally invasive alternative, using dermal fillers, is now available for those who do not want to undergo surgery or only need minor modifications to the nose shape or appearance.

Small injections of filler are strategically placed to straighten the bridge of the nose, camouflage bumps, lift the nasal tip, make the bridge appear thinner, and make the nose appear smaller from the profile.

The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes, requires no anesthesia, and results last around a year.

Tear Trough Injections

Volume loss around the eyes can create hollows, dark circles and bags. Not only aging, but genetics can also contribute to tear trough issues. Dermal fillers are an easy solution to treat the tear trough area.

A blunt cannula or a small needle is used to place threads of filler under the eyes to restore volume in the hollows, which improves the appearance of bags and dark circles which patients complain make them appear tired.

Treatments take 15 to 30 minutes and have minimal discomfort. Results typically last a year or longer depending on the severity of the volume loss and metabolism of the individual patient.

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